Nothing to Envy

Uriminzokkiri has been publishing pictures of Kim Jung Un viewing a performance with impressed foreigners in the audience.




Just realised that they have some content in English, and it’s so weird reading articles such as The Pulling Off American “Emperor’s Clothes” Thread by Thread:

The phrase “United States of America” will become as meaningless then as the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” and the “Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” are today.
The American Emperor, after his outer and inner threads have been pulled, will be nothing more than a naked representative of stark imperialism, colonialism, fascism, and militarism and will be justly buried in a pauper’s grave.

OK… which reminds me: Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick is such a great book. On another tangent, the US and UK covers are so different!



The book is a collection of biographies gathered from interviews with several defectors, and these real lives weave together to create the bigger reality of North Korea. It’s sad to read that North Korea wasn’t always the doomed half of Korea, and that in the very beginning, Koreans living abroad actually chose to return to North Korea because they saw a country of hope. So much can change in less than 70 years…

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