The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd remains one of my favourite Agatha Christie books (along with Crooked House – what a disturbing one…), and HarperCollins re-released it with its original 1926 cover for its 80th anniversary. 



Even on a pale background, it’s pretty disturbing. Being the third Poirot novel, and a relatively early work, Agatha Christie’s name is still much smaller than the title of the work, drawing in the crowds with murder rather than the franchise. (Similarly, an earlier work, Murder on the Links, also follows this pattern; however, by 1927, for The Big Four, her name already above the title, and much more prominent. 

HarperCollins UK’s current other editions of this book show a massive range of designs – one book, targeted at different audiences? 

The paperback and audio editions and more minimal and gender-neutral, with the large Agatha Christie signature at the top. 


The comic strip edition is almost YA, and the author’s name may be smaller because it’s not as big a selling point for new readers.



The ebooks, however, almost look like it could be renamed Confessions of a Shopaholic. A woman with a hat stepping out of a car, with perfectly painted nails and colour-matched shoes. Perhaps it’s because of the consistent gender-gap in e-reader ownership?


Aside: still in love with the movie posters for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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