This is not a platform

I just like this painting, so let’s get this unrelated René Magritte artwork out of the way before we start on the topic of platforms (MIND THE GAP – sorry, had to be said). This picture is saying that a picture of a pipe isn’t a pipe – it’s just a representation. This is probably as deep as this post is going to get.


So… platforms. There’s a lot of talk about setting up your website, your blog, your twitter and tumblr and instagram and pinterest to pimp your writing to the world. A lot of writers, including myself, therefore start blogs about writing.

As someone who writes YA fiction, that makes no sense. A platform raises you in your potential readers’ awareness, and my potential readers (or – let me sink back to my advertising background for a sec – targets) aren’t writers.

They’re not going to be (in general) people who are into cover designs.

Things that are platforms are, for example, Zero Punctuation. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw creates funny game reviews, and wrote a game-inspired novel. His blog readers are also people who’d enjoy his book.

That’s a platform.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here rambling about book covers and random poems because these are my interests and I enjoy writing about them (ditto zombies). But as we were saying, Ceci n’est pas une ummm… plate-forme. This is more a network. A more chaotic LinkedIn.

OK, that’s a bit of an overstatement, because having a blog at all means people can google you on, errr, Google. And this is why it’s good to buy your own domain name and route your WordPress blog to it, for example – and it’s good to use your name, in case you end up writing several books. You can always find a host later. (Try for domain names.)

Lastly, on an unrelated note, in order to relate this to Crooked Step, here’s a lovely picture of a Cu Sith (please visit her DeviantArt page).


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