Hair care – for wizards, metallers and other growers of long hair



I’d call this an interlude, but to be honest, hair plays a really important part in my novel, and I guess that’s due to a fascination, or perhaps mistaken belief, that long hair used to be of great importance to both men and women. Shaving your head was symbolically akin to cutting off your head. And hair can be so strong! The circus act of hair hanging is what inspired one particular branch of magic in Crooked Step. I mean… look at that hair pull.


In all seriousness, these hair tips work, and don’t take a lot of time. I’ve ranked them in order of least effort for the most effect, and most of these are fragrance-free. Here we go!

  1. SILK PILLOWCASE!! Seriously, just replace your current ones with silk ones. It’s the single, easy investment that’s made the most difference. You also won’t wake up looking like your head’s been licked by a troll, and it’s good for your skin. Along the same lines, buy hair ties with no metal bits. But mostly, GET SILK PILLOWCASES. I will CAP and bold this. 
  2. Supplements can help. I like Perfectil. MSM also works for me (in that it seems to make hair grow faster), but to be honest, Perfectil has made the most difference.
  3. Now we get to the products, so things will depend a bit on hair type… More generally though, if you use a lot of products, try using a clarifying shampoo from now and again (e.g. replace your normal one with a clarifying shampoo once a month).
  4. Switch your conditioner with this super cheap Boots hair mask. It makes your hair smooth in 5 minutes, but don’t get it in your eyes.
  5. This one may be slightly personal… I really love the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oléo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo and the smoothing Sérum Oléo-Relax. The conditioner from the same series doesn’t really outdo the cheaper Boots hair mask, but this shampoo is really worth the more expensive price. I have waist-length hair now, and the shampoo lasts me 3 months, as you really don’t need to put much on. The serum lasts much longer.
  6. Hair oils – and here, I like this scented Nuxe one (which has lasted a year already). Camellia oil, which is one of the ingredients in here, seems to really agree with Asian hair.

But most importantly, get those silk pillowcases (and you’re welcome to visit Black Haired B’s salon in Crooked Step very soon).

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