News paper headline from Crooked Step: Loch Ness Monster Heads South

loch 1

I thought it’d be fun if you had a world, ever so slightly shifted from our own, where you’d get a front page article about the Loch Ness monster tomorrow, and everyone would think it’s real – but it’d still be news-worthy, and people still wouldn’t understand it.

So… A year before our starting point in Crooked Step, a businessman declared himself Zeus, a hairdresser took the crown as Hera, and gods and miracles replaced stars and diets on the covers of magazines. Bloggers covered the colour coordination of Persephone’s accessories, and paparazzi lined up for worship in front of the temple of Apollo, but no one knew why the gods had come.

It started as a fun and experimental piece of writing (especially considering I was polishing my awful, will-never-see-the-light-of-day novel about HIV at the time), but then it led to more and more questions… How would magic change education? Change society? Change religion? (The last is more the focus of Crooked Path, the second book in the series.)

Crooked Step will be available as an ebook by 14th May. The paperback version will follow by the end of May. The characters (with the exception of Cyador Silverton) look forward to meeting you.

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