Random Pics Friday – Tortoises

In an attempt to add more structure to this blog, the only sensible thing is to add in more random factor, so here’s to the first Random Pics Friday. Theme = tortoises.

They’re amazing.

In Japan and China, for example, Genbu/Xuanwu, the Black Tortoise of the North is basically on the same level as the Vermilion Phoenix of the South (Suzaku/Zhuque), Azure Dragon of the East (Seiryuu/Qinglong) and the White Tiger of the West (Byakko/Baihu).


So… Random pics.

1. Taco Toirtoise from MossyToirtoise on Etsy.



2. A photo manipulation of a tortoise sandwich.


3. Tortoise + peacock = ?



4. Hug between a tortoise and a hippo.



5. Kitten riding a tortoise.


Enjoy the weekend!

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