Proudest achievements to date – Crooked Step

As per title, after the release of Crooked Step in ebook format, I’m proud to present two great achievements:

1. My husband has finished reading it, and he hasn’t asked for a divorce just yet.

2. I’ve received two reviews, one on the UK Amazon site, and one on the German! (Thank you to both readers – I really appreciate your feedback.) 

The paperback version is almost ready, as is the placeholder website. Hoping to be in touch with more bonus material soon!

Review 1

Review 2

New website – coming soon


(Courtesy of Dilbert.) 

The shiny new website will be shiny and new. It will also be coming soon, which means, more specifically, that it will be coming at some point in time. It will be amazing because it will be in HTML5(.0), so there will be things going SWISH and SCREEEE and hopefully not CRASSSSH

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