Easy Flourless Banana Pancake Recipe

Banana Pancake Recipe Final
Here they are, stacked and drizzled with a bit of cream.

Today is pancake day, so I decided to test out how to make banana pancakes using only bananas, eggs, blueberries, baking powder and a little oil (other ingredients optional), as inspired by BBC Good Food’s American Blueberry Pancakes recipe. For an easy-to-make banana pancakes recipe, there’s also one I found from Eugenie Kitchen (3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes) – I decided to stick closer to the BBC one in terms of the amount of baking powder used, and stirred in the blueberries while cooking as well.

The basics are: take the following healthy looking stuff, mash and mix with some baking powder, then place the pancake mix in a flat frying pan and cook it for around 2 mins each side.

Banana Pancake Recipe Ingredients

Serves 2, so you’re eating 1 banana, 1 egg and some blueberries.

Serves 2

Total prep/cooking time: 15-20 mins (depends on how quick you are with stirring)

Ingredients (in order of mixing):

  • 2 bananas (medium, ripe)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • OPTIONAL: 2 drops vanilla extract
  • OPTIONAL: a dash of salt
  • 2 eggs (medium)
  • 150g blueberries
  • Some oil for frying

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Proudest achievements to date – Crooked Step

As per title, after the release of Crooked Step in ebook format, I’m proud to present two great achievements:

1. My husband has finished reading it, and he hasn’t asked for a divorce just yet.

2. I’ve received two reviews, one on the UK Amazon site, and one on the German! (Thank you to both readers – I really appreciate your feedback.) 

The paperback version is almost ready, as is the placeholder website. Hoping to be in touch with more bonus material soon!

Review 1

Review 2

Random pics Friday – 5 fire gifs (and the release of Tenth Gen this weekend)

The Crooked World short story, Mnemosyne 01 (Tenth Generation) will be released on Goodreads, Kobo, iBooks and maybe a few other places for free this weekend. Sadly, as there is no setting on Amazon Kindle to make this free just yet, it will be available on Amazon for a price. I’ll most likely release the subsequent Mnemosyne short stories under the same publication on Amazon just to make the cost a bit more fair.

Mnem cover

In celebration of Wildfire, here are 5 fire gifs for your Friday amusement.



fire 2


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Crooked Step – Review Templates

Sadly the 5-day free book offer for Crooked Step has now expired…


But in those 5 days, we have achieved:

  • 111,718 possible views on the fb campaign (thank you!)
  • 271 downloads (thank you! thank you!)
  • Amazon ranking #23 in YA urban fantasy at its peak (as small a category as that may be)

We have now entered the payment-required period, but Amazon Prime members can still borrow the book for free. The paperback version will also be available within the next month, and you’ll be able to admire the beautiful Adobe Garamond and download the Kindle version for free with the purchase of the paper copy from Amazon. Free, free, free.

Also, Mnemosyne 01, Tenth Generation, a supporting short story set in the Crooked World, will be available for download within the next week, and will be permanently free.

Here’s a preview of the cover:

Mnem cover

Yeah… It’s a bit more futuristic and comic-inspired, and you’ll be introduced to Wildfire.

Mnemosyne 02 onwards (until we run out of numbers) will follow, and you’ll have the chance to meet Helen’s father properly next.

Meanwhile… Reviews… I want them. I need them. So much that I’ve put the word in bold.

I know writing is a pain, so here are some templates for you to use.

salem writing

Template 1

Crooked Step is an amazing book. Really, it’s been ages since I’ve read a book that fully immersed me in the world it’s created. All the characters are well-written and fun – I can’t choose a favourite, but maybe Lou? Please publish the next one soon! (Read the first letter of the 4 previous sentences for how I really feel about the book.)


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Cities by H. D.

I used H.D.’s Hermes of the Ways in my book, and it’s probably the best thing in the book. Cities is also a beautiful poem: ‘The city is peopled/with spirits, not ghosts, O my love’…


(Photography by Howard Kingsnorth)

by H. D.

Can we believe—by an effort
comfort our hearts:
it is not waste all this,
not placed here in disgust,
street after street,
each patterned alike,
no grace to lighten
a single house of the hundred
crowded into one garden-space.

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