Garamond: to g or not to g?


Excuse the bad pun, but hopefully this will set the tone for the Crooked World: a modern-day fantasy series full of mystery, adventure and cringe-worthy jokes.

The paperback version of Crooked Step will be coming out in May, which means that it’s time to make some final decisions on typography. This was when Suvir Mirchandani’s study on typeface made the news. I’m going to pretend to be intelligent by linking to the original source, then the CNN article, and lastly the BBC article, but actually, I read it first on (and it’s not Reddit) Imgur – thank you @lalalathisisme. So… Garamond is more eco than Times New Roman and Century Gothic? And more so than Courier, Brush Script, Helvetica, Comic Sans, Cooper Black and Impact (imagine a whole book in Impact…)? Why not use Garamond, a font chosen for Dr. Seuss? It’d be a different matter if the winner was Comic Sans…

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