Crooked Step – free for 5 days


It’s the eBook launch date, and the Facebook banners are live! The Kindle version will be free for the first 5 days (so until Saturday 21st).

[insert celebratory zombie dance]

thriller dance


News paper headline from Crooked Step: Loch Ness Monster Heads South

loch 1

I thought it’d be fun if you had a world, ever so slightly shifted from our own, where you’d get a front page article about the Loch Ness monster tomorrow, and everyone would think it’s real – but it’d still be news-worthy, and people still wouldn’t understand it. Continue reading

So I should really start promoting my book…

Yeah… After  a week of avoidance, I should really mention that there’s a book, and it’s mine, and it’s coming out, and the cover looks like:


Some amazing elements on this cover include:

  • some steps, because see title
  • a suitcase, because see subtitle
  • a green heart, because I lurk too much on Imgur, and it crept in subconsciously

And this work of YA is about… Actually, it’s really embarrassing talking about it, because, I guess, I put a lot of heart into this story. It’s been ten years and three scrapped manuscripts since [we built this city on rock n’ roll]. I want to tell this story, but at the same time, it feels like exposing yourself in public.

To stop myself rambling on in embarrassment, here’s the rest in mock-interview format (no one is actually asking any questions).

What is it about?

Does what it says on the tin, or in this case, cover. Sylvia, once a normal girl, receives a zombie in a suitcase. As she can’t just chuck it in the bin (zombies don’t qualify for Hackney Council’s bulky waste collection), she must find out who and why with the help of her classmates. And one small crooked step on this road of discovery will force you to fight demons with nothing but a stapler.*  Continue reading